Let’s just start over.

A new beginning to blogging again.   I have been reading here and there, on and off all summer but haven’t been commenting either.  I do apologize.

I just haven’t had much to say.  It hasn’t been the best summer and I really haven’t felt like doing much of anything.   So I have been away.

So here’s to the beginning of fall and starting my new blog over again.

I got a new camera for my birthday in June.   I just started taking pictures and downloading them….because I finally got the software on the computer.   So far there is no comparison to my old camera.  This one is amazing!

Included in that not-wanting-to-do-anything list was knitting.   I did do a little but it wasn’t fun and that was pretty sad.  But again that time is over because I am back to it.  I started the Convertible Cardi from Big City Knits.  Already made a mistake by not knitting the pieces in the order it says too…because then I would have noticed the pattern error.  It’s annoying but fixable.

So is it true when you have to take out a cast-on edge to fix it you end up loosing a stitch? -because your knitting the wrong way. 

Oh…this is day for of me not smoking again.   The last time I failed after 2 weeks.  This time i can’t fail because I can’t smoke.  The best way to quit is to get really sick because that is what is working for me.   Little Miss brought home a killer cold from school and of course I get it 10x worse.   So I have been glued to the couch all week, with my blanket, antibiotics, tissues, and cough syrup.  

This time I will stick with it.   Lungs on fire is no fun.

Luckily I have had 2 days this week to myself and will have one more tomorrow while Peanut is at school.    Yes my little Peanut is in her 3rd week of school.   She has been asking for months and months to go.    When she was finally ready I wasn’t but the teachers were really helpful in making me feel comfortable in letting her go.     So now she is a big girl in pre-k and we are very proud of her.

So I have some time to myself which is really nice to have…especially since I’m sick.

So my next step is to post some pictures after my nap.


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