Today was a sad day for Mr. Greenjeans. The body was almost completed and I realized I should try it on again just to check the fit. Sadly the cables section fit well but the upper body was puffy. I don’t understand why I didn’t pay more attention to that the previous time I tried it on.   Not only that but the arms looked huge.  I’m not giving up, I am going to try knitting the smallest size this time.

Last week was so busy that I just didn’t have time to post or even set up my Ravelry account.  I finally felt good enough to get going on my list of outdoor chores.  Which includes a lot of painting and maintenance…..but mostly painting.   Between the DH and I most of the house maintenance is completed by me.  Painting is just not his thing and not one of his best abilities either.   However wires and pipes is not at all my thing so we do balance out.   I have really bad luck when it comes to those two things so I just stay away.   So as long as whatever needs to be fixed doesn’t entail those two things its my job.   Anyways I started chipping away at my to do list last week.

Peanut had a busy week too.   She went on her first field trip last week and had a school meet-up for a hayride.   She had a great time at both.   She also tried on most of her fall/winter clothes and realized that she has definitely grown a lot from the spring time.   We went on a little shopping spree for clothes and shoes and found some great deals.  

So that was my busy week.   I am going to finish up my busy frog day today with setting up my ravelry.   This is actually my second invite because I just didn’t have the time for the first one.  I read on many blogs that it was time consuming so I passed.  But now it seems like I’ve missed out on the fun so time to play catch up.

I’m also hoping it will help me find something to do with a lonely ball of Noro.



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  1. 1 Sandra October 16, 2008 at 7:47 am

    well, well, well, you are back! Great! I think I checked your black last time in september … and really thought you were gone forever! Luckilly I was wrong!

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