Sometimes I use the word nice in place of swearing, or saying typical, or completely in a sarcastic way.


Car cuts me off on the beltway = “NICE!!”
DH tries to make Alfredo sauce with milk and parm cheese concoction = “n..i..c..e”
Light switch in bathroom starts crackling and flickering only when I flip the switch = “Nice

I’m sure it is obvious which way its being used. Peanut has picked up on it and now tends to use the term from time to time.

For today is a perfect example of her and my use of the word. It’s a beautiful crisp fall day. Perfect day to learn to ride a bike. A brand new bike that we looked for after school yesterday for 2 hours. Between tired rants and an arguement about a green power scooter that we are not big enough for. Also nice enough to try out a brand new helmet that was the chosen one after trying on just about every helmet we could see.


Being prepared with tools to put little purple bike together with an excited 4 year old only to find out that there are no little parts in the little parts bag is very nice. Or as Peanut put it “Oh….NICE”.
Sadly this was the only one of its kind at the store.

The other instance was trying to wind two skeins of Claudia’s hand painted into two nice little cakes. I won these a while back and love the warm toasty colors like the name Toasty.
Unfortunately after a very frustrating winding session and discovering that ever so often something had sliced (or maybe eaten) through the strand I ended up with many little messy mini cakes.
There were many uses of the word nice throughout my morning.


1 Response to “Nice”

  1. 1 Sandra October 22, 2008 at 10:28 am

    Then it was NICE day! heehee!
    I am very bad example of using “those” words in front of my kids … plus I live in rural place were swearing is like “good morning” … I am soooo happy my kids don’t use such words!

    Talking about helmets … can’t remember when was the last time /place I saw my kids’ ones!

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