Another Nice

After a conversation with my MIL I discovered that someone in the mid-Atlantic area is enjoying my magazine subscription.

MIL: “So that magazine I ordered for your birthday keeps sending me KnitPicks advertising.”

Me: “Oh………………….Wait what magazine are you talking about?”
(I’ve been getting BH&G mags)

MIL: “That knitting magazine you wanted.”

Me: “Um…You got me BH&G…..I’ve been reading it.” (Not really)

MIL: “No I also got you the other one…what’s the name…In knit or something?”

Me: “INTERWEAVE KNITS…..when did you get that?”

MIL: “In April….you know….you have been getting it……….. haven’t you?”

Me: “Um NO.”

MIL: “Well I think I threw out all the info………but I’ll let you know”

So someone has been enjoying the summer and fall issue of IK compliments of my MIL.

I also gave up on the Toasty Claudia’s hand-painted. Every few yards it was torn. Which I had missed these little weaknesses while winding it up. So with all those little knots it was not enjoyable to knit with. All those little ends to think about later and wasted yardage was an unpleasant thought. I don’t believe its hopeless but it’s bagged up now and maybe at a later date I can find the patience to mess with it.

To cheer myself up I started this as a little side project from ravelry.

The yarn is berreco idol which has a gold strand in it. After getting this far I realized I love the pattern but the yarn just doesn’t cut it. The yarn was part of a grab bag from patternworks and I like the colors but not really into that gold strand. I cast on again and am trying this pattern also from ravelry.
I like this pattern too so we’ll see how it goes.


1 Response to “Another Nice”

  1. 1 Rebecca October 24, 2008 at 5:15 pm

    I’m sorry to here about not getting your magazine! If you send me an email I can forward it to our subscription department and they can try and work it out. If you send me your current address and the address where it was sent to (past address) they should be able to do something about it!

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