UFO’s be gone

I spent Peanuts day at school day organizing the house. I can’t stand clutter and our house was starting to feeling like the incredible shrinking home. I have a method to my home organization madness too. Everything needs to answer one of these three questions:

Does this need to be kept because it has a history or importance?
(Passed down from someone or like Peanuts first favorite whatever or etc)

Can someone else use this more that us?
(Like that brand new coffee maker gift in the closet that we don’t use because we have a coffee maker)

Why am I saving this?
(My favorite question that comes up for odd items I find that someone in this house decided that they just couldn’t throw out like boxes or even powder drink canisters….he who will remain nameless)

Well during this madness (which no drawer, shelf, or closet is spared) I decided it was time for stash organization. I have a serious problem. I hid yarn in 7 spots in 4 areas of the house. I found 4 out of 8 UFOs that I couldn’t even remember. I found needles that I thought were lost in 3 different spots including a set of circulars I have been assuming that I never bought. I found miscellaneous yarn cakes and left over strands only inches long that I was saving for something but who know what. I did not have time to take photos because I had an hour before DH would come through the door. (He would have turned around and walked right back out.)

I found the shawl pin that my MIL got for me a while ago.


I frogged 3 sweaters and 2 scarves and tossed a grocery bag of yarn.
Everything is bagged and in zip-locks and needles are all in the same place. I found my wicked pattern,
that I thought was thrown out, in a book.
Everything is organized.  I love knowing where everything is.

My Loop-d-Loop Octagon purse that really needs to be sewn together.


I stacked up all my books and even put all my magazines in a basket.
I also will be recieving my subscription to IK soon. Mix up on the address by one number but it is a completely different area where it is going to. (A 4000 address difference.) So it’s not one of my neighbors. ( Which tends to happen from time to time and is what I thought.) Anyways whoever they are they won’t be seeing the next issue. I am very excited because this whole time I thought that my MIL didn’t get it for me. I can’t wait.


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