Belated HH

We had a fun Halloween.   It was very very quiet.  Around here we do not have many trick or treaters and I think that is sadly caused by many homes being so dark on this street.  Dark meaning the people hide in there house for 4-5 hours so they don’t have their doorbell rang.   We on the other-hand handed out a large popcorn tin filled with candy to maybe 9 kids.   Handfuls of candy to each.   There was only one other house on our street that had pumpkins out and maybe 5 with lights on.   I guess that’s just how it is around here but it is very different from where I grew up.  


So Peanut went to the 5 houses and tricker treated with her dad.  While I watched out for the treaters which I had 2 during my watch.   Peanut didn’t mind having only five houses to go to.   She had a busy day of treating at school around the college and a Halloween party.    She has a giant container of candy and she had a great time at her party.   The after dinner treating was just a little extra to her.


Her favorite part was picking out the pumpkin faces. We found them here.

Another Halloween treat was getting the parts from the bicycle company. Her bike was missing some important parts.Rather then return the bike I called the bike manufacturer and requested them to send the fittings for the tires and petals.

So what do you get from a bike manufacturer when you request 8 little parts?


Everything that those little parts connect to the bike. Minus the rubber tires and tubes. I specifically only asked for the fittings but was informed they send everything used in that area of the bike. So now we have spares.


1 Response to “Belated HH”

  1. 1 amandacathleen November 5, 2008 at 3:31 am

    those pumpkin faces are fantastic! Glad to hear the peanut had a fantastic halloween

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