Day off

I could/should be doing laundry, raking leaves, painting, or cleaning something.   But I’m taking the day off.  I’ve already ventured to the store and picked up a bike pump and a new recycled backback for Peanut.  So I have accomplished something today.  (I also had an itch to buy some yarn which I don’t need and is not in my budget yet I managed to drag myself back home.)   Other then that I might knit or maybe watch a movie.    I just need a me day. 

I finished my Yo Drop It scarf and was happy with it until DH gave it a look.   I like it but he thought it was colorful.  Meaning too colorful but this is coming from someone who won’t wear a shirt unless it is blue or grey.   I admit I’m not thrilled about the gold and which I previously mention but I like the colors.  I’ll post a pic next time.  I am going to start another neckwarmer today, maybe.   

  Tomorrow is a big day and it could mean changes.  I hope for the best.


1 Response to “Day off”

  1. 1 amandacathleen November 5, 2008 at 3:28 am

    eh, laundry can wait for another day! Can’t wait to see your finished scarf, the wip pic of it looked pretty. Mike gives my knitting “the look” quite often. He is a man that is afraid of color and handknits

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