Old and new

This will be a picture-less post again.  

Yesterday my 2 year old computer died.  We had the “moo” type and I am sad that it no longer wants to boot up.   I did have one last chance to get pictures off but didn’t get any files.  I think if I try one more time it just might give me the chance to get them, but not today. 

 Today is for taking a tour of that whole new “moo” experience with its new software.   Should be nice.  (sarcasm)   I really want to stress how important it is to get a warranty for times like this.  All the nerdy guys at the store (you know who they are) shook their heads at us about NOT having a warranty on the old “moo”. 

 It was a joke to DH, “oh you don’t want the warranty…(whisper) ok see you in two years”.  Not funny at all seeing as he thought ” eh we don’t need that warranty this is a really good computer so it will last awhile”.

  Now the new “moo”  has a warranty.   It also has all the bells and whistles and an extreme graphics card that the DH had to have so that he can watch or record tv on it.   I think that’s nice.  (more sarcasim)

I miss the old “moo”  that didn’t ask me a question everytime I wanted to do something.    AND the old “moo” was compatible with everthing unlike new “moo” which has a problem with everything…..like the printer….and me.


1 Response to “Old and new”

  1. 1 amandacathleen November 10, 2008 at 4:12 am

    hopefully the new moo will stop being a prick and start being nice! and what is it with men wanting bells and whistles? Mike and I are shopping for a new van and he’s the one wanting all the fancy smanshy stuff! What gives?

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