I can’t believe how time has flown.  This time of year is so tough because we live so far from family.  We missed out on another big turkey day with the fam.  DH had to work anyways so we had our thanksgiving on Friday. If I really tried I’m sure I might have been able to not-burn-the-house-down cooking the turkey. But I have never cooked one before by myself and he really likes cooking it so i just let him do it.
I had a lot of other things going on this past month that just seemed to eat up the time. So I have not had the time to blog about things or knitting things.


Another cowl from a pattern seen on ravelry. Which I’ve search for and now can’t find. But If I do I will post it because I love the look of the pattern.


Still need to wash and weave in the ends but I do like the colors.

I also finished the scarf and Little Miss Peanut has been wearing it around the house.


I like how this turned out but it’s more of a cool day scarf and not winter one. Or maybe to wear as an accessory kind of thing. Peanut likes it because its shiny and princesses where shiny things she says.

She has been going back to the princess dress up and ect. She was going through a tools working on my bike thing. So now I’m an confused about what Santa should bring her. However she has been asking me when she sees my knitting is that for her nowadays. I think I’m going to have to whip up some knitted stuff for her.


1 Response to “TGI..December”

  1. 1 sandra December 12, 2008 at 7:49 am

    My daughter habe exactly the same scarf, made even od thinner yarn and she is wearing it to school not matter the temperature outside!

    Love the cowl – cowls are definitely hit this season. Even I knitted me one.

    Those x-mas tome should me cozy and no preassured – my kids are like demons when it is about presents – and they thinks money falls out of sky! So, basicaly – I would rather spend whole december in my craft room then go outside and do shopping (and I realy don’t enjoy shopping – no kidding!).

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