Friday is Ikea day. We have started going to Ikea so that the munchkin can play in smallworld for a bit while I walk around looking for things. Organization stuff, material for stuff, and stuff I really just don’t need. I really like Ikea. I could spend hours there and it seems I can’t ever have too much.


I have recently been adoring the baby items. This floor blanket is the neatest thing. A friend of mine is due next month so I am thinking about loading up on some of this stuff for a trip to visit. I would knit up some baby items for her but my time has run out.

Next months trip has more meaning then seeing a new baby. It is also going to be a busy weak of planning and visiting in preparation for when we move. We are trying to sell our house and move 500 miles north. It’s craziness. Unfortunately my husband is being laid off at the end of Feburary and along with over 1000 other technicians in this area who would all like too give the Union a peice of their minds. It’s unfortunate because the only reason we moved to and stayed in this area was because of his job. However there is a brighter side to it such as we always wanted to move back closer to our families.

So it’s been a frustrating yet exciting time that was announced prior to x-mas. Unbelievable I know. This trip will be fun because it has been over a year since we have been there. might be even longer then that. Even though its a much smaller city, there is so much more to do. I have already planned some activities for the munchkin and some possible playdates to meet some new friends. I really want to get her into school up there before the end of the school year so she can make friends for the summer.


4 Responses to “1/22”

  1. 1 amandacathleen January 22, 2010 at 10:56 pm

    I could spend weeks, years in Ikea even! Hope your move goes smoothly

  2. 3 sandra January 23, 2010 at 5:48 pm

    Well, hello!
    Times passed by, Julia and I can’t believe you are blogging again!
    Hope you’re not gonna make another pause like this one!

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