When your luck turns bad…….it turns bad.   It’s been one thing after another in our house in the past four days.   My truck is in need of repair and because it obsolete it’s impossible to find a dealer to work on it.  Except however one that is really far from our house.  I can’t sleep or haven’t had a good night sleep all week…..someone likes doing acrobatics all night.    Our kitchen is out of commission after a pipe decided to plug up during the making of dinner last night.   We were planning on having a nice steak and huge fresh salad and so on……..instead we had to order out and my house smells like old potatoes.  Really not pleasant. 

This afternoon….the plumber is supposed to be here now, I have top got to a Doc appointment in 30 min, the hubby has to pick up the munchkin…………..and then somehow we are supposed to drive my truck to a dealer 45 min away so hopefully it will be fixed tomorrow.

Oh and I forgot to mention that yesterday we had an estimate done for my driver side door.  Which is just a little dented in because the hubby backed my truck into his car….impossible I know but he does things like this.  I would have thought it would be $300 to bump it out and touch up the paint a bit.    $1700!   Craziness. 

*I’ll post some pictures of my knitting later.*


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