It’s been a busy past couple weeks.   So I will play a little catch up.

First off some cute little knitting.


Little Booties still in the works.


2 little hats.
Both patterns are from Easy Baby Knits.
I love this hat pattern it’s so simple and is written for 2 needles which makes it easier on me so I’m not poking the bump with dpn’s.

I’m really in knitting for baby mode. I have 4 wips for me and I’m pretty bored with them. I’ve picked one or two up from time to time over the past couple weeks and even had them travel with me and still blah.
I like the baby knits because there fun and quick and it helps to stock up on stuff for baby.

Speaking of stocking up we went to IKEA the other day to get baby things. I know there is still time left which my husband reminded me numerous time as I loaded up a baby tub with stuff. Yes I wanted the baby tub form IKEA. Do I need it now? No, but in 2 weeks we won’t have access to IKEA anymore.

Besides I couldn’t resist some things like this touch and feel book.


I really wanted this blanket but it was gone.


It made me a little happier to get some stuff for baby too. Lately I’ve been on and up and down rollercoaster emotional ride. This move and trying to sell the house and realizing we are staying in someone else’s home has and is stressful. Not to mention the grandmothers (my mom and my husbands mother) are adding to the stress. You would think they would be more helpful and understanding but…anyways.
Well I do have one vent and maybe someone can help me understand how to solve the problem. My mother in law has been making comments about my size, lets just say she has been making fat comments. I don’t really know how to respond because it makes my blood boil so I walk away. Any suggestions would be helpful? I just don’t understand her sometimes.

Really I’m doing so much better with the weight management than I did with my daughter. I went from being 130lbs. to 208lbs. while pregnant with the munchkin. The only person that ever made a comment on my weight during that pregnancy was my doctor and that was out of concern. I lost it all which shocked them. So now I have gained 25ish lbs. and the only person that has made me feel uncomfortable is a family member. The doctor says I’m doing great and that’s good for me.


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