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Finally school is back in session.  They are starting 2 hours late because there are sidewalks still un-plowed and the kids have to walk in the street.    We drive the munchkin to school luckily.  But really 2 hours late start is like half days so I can’t wait to see how they plan to make up all these days.   Hopefully we won’t be here for that.  

The hubby and I started painting today.  Just doing touch ups so the doc gave me the ok to help.   The house will be all set next week for showings.  I think we have come a long way.  Once we are done I will post a little tour.

Today Jess is having her 5 year blogiversary. If you got to her site and comment on this post you have a chance to win some goodies.   Say I sent you to help me out in the contest as well…please.    I just love that skully box bag.



Happy Valentines Day!


Hope your enjoying your candies and treats!

I have not been feeling very well these past few days so not candies for me.   But I have enjoyed a little mocha coffee this morning so that was a nice treat.

I plan on laying around today and working on some wips.  I also was searching ravelry this morning and found Broadway .   I have some yarn that I had tried to make another of her sweaters and it just did not work out.  So it will be perfect for this.




Our day out yesterday was fun. Luckily we have a nice suv that does great in the snow. Some roads were still not passable while others had become one-way.

A lot of people were still digging out. On the way to the mall area we realized we really did get a lot of snow.
What normally would have been a packed shopping area with traffic and so on was pretty quiet. Even the drive there was peaceful.


It was nice to be able to shop and be the only other family in the store. We were in search of snow pants for munchkin and boots for me. Luckily after 5 stores we found her some nice columbia snow pants. Boots for me unfortunately there were none. Stores already had swimsuits out so what did we expect. It ws nice to get out of the house mainly. Munchkin and I had been in there for a week.

Last night I worked on the cowl.
It’s coming along. I will have more snow days ahead to work on this. Today another storm is coming through. Being so tired from our out and about yesterday we managed to take a long nap this afternoon. When we woke up the snow had not started yet.
Maybe tomorrow we will wake up to another 2 feet.


We are bracing ourselves for an extreme snow event. Camera is ready to go to snap pictures of the world ending here while massive amounts of snow fall. Surprising they announced it this morning that we are going to be under a winter storm warning tomorrow morning. So our trip to the grocery store for the usual end of week stuff was very unpleasant. Not to mention munchkin has been out of school all week with pink eye, ear infection, and sinus/ upper respiratory infection so this trip was double fun. I could have waited for the hubby to come home tonight at 7pm, but there probably would be no food in the store. Crazy selfish people in that store. Munchkin got run over by the woman in line behind us 3 times. She is really good about sticking up for her little self which I thought was wonderful because I just have that emotional hormonal thing going and don’t want to deal with people.
I’m in the crazy stage.
Think I beat the nausea and exhaustion. My husband calls these my crazy socks. Think he’s just jealous he didn’t get a pair. I wore them yesterday during my packing event. I packed so much and cleaned out so much it was crazy.

Last night I cast on for another scarf like project. It’s Kim’s Infinity Cowl. I just love that color she used. For me I’m using grey and white wool that I had made a vest with. I ripped the vest a long time ago and this yarn (which I can’t remember what it’s called) basically shredded. It’s really pretty and wintery in color, nice to work with, but horrible if you have to rip out.

It’s fuzzy stuff now.


I have been soooo tired these past few days. I’ve had so much to do around the house but then I take a break and sit down for a minute then lights out. Luckily I’ve woken up before I have to pick up the munchkin from school but I still just have wasted a week it seems.
Anyways last night I started a really neat scarf from my new Knit Simple magazine.


It’s called the Accordion Scarf and so far I’m enjoying it.


I’m using Caron Simply Soft in Truffle. Which yes is a pretty cheap acrylic yarn but it’s so soft. I made a bag a while back using this same yarn and was happy with the results. So this will be my knitting for the next few days.

We have a pretty busy weekend with people coming over to see the house and I’m going to start officially packing non-essentials. Last week I manage to give away a lot of things to and this week it was toys and kids clothes munchkin had grown out of. This week should be fun (sarcasm) if I can stay awake long enough to get anything done. I’m almost over that point where I shouldn’t feel exhausted or dizzy anymore, and maybe if I’m lucky that will be in a week.


Friday is Ikea day. We have started going to Ikea so that the munchkin can play in smallworld for a bit while I walk around looking for things. Organization stuff, material for stuff, and stuff I really just don’t need. I really like Ikea. I could spend hours there and it seems I can’t ever have too much.


I have recently been adoring the baby items. This floor blanket is the neatest thing. A friend of mine is due next month so I am thinking about loading up on some of this stuff for a trip to visit. I would knit up some baby items for her but my time has run out.

Next months trip has more meaning then seeing a new baby. It is also going to be a busy weak of planning and visiting in preparation for when we move. We are trying to sell our house and move 500 miles north. It’s craziness. Unfortunately my husband is being laid off at the end of Feburary and along with over 1000 other technicians in this area who would all like too give the Union a peice of their minds. It’s unfortunate because the only reason we moved to and stayed in this area was because of his job. However there is a brighter side to it such as we always wanted to move back closer to our families.

So it’s been a frustrating yet exciting time that was announced prior to x-mas. Unbelievable I know. This trip will be fun because it has been over a year since we have been there. might be even longer then that. Even though its a much smaller city, there is so much more to do. I have already planned some activities for the munchkin and some possible playdates to meet some new friends. I really want to get her into school up there before the end of the school year so she can make friends for the summer.

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