Packing and rethinking has been going on since this weekend.  The realty of this move has really set in.  There is 3 days left until we will be hauling the last of our belongings through the mountains.  We have had thoughts and what ifs going through our heads the past few days.  It has been stressful but we have agreed that we need to do this. 

So between the laundry and packing (I like everything to be clean when packed) I have been working on baby knits and this shawl/stole/scarf thing.


This is a pretty straight forward pattern and I still make mistakes. So I have ripped back a few times. But I still love the color, pattern, and yarn. Pattern and yarn I will post about another time because it is missing tags for both.

I may or may not be able to post again for a while. Moving may cause some delays. But I should have some fo’s when I return.



Last night I began another little project.


Yes the Baby Bolero from One Skein.
I have wanted to make this cute little thing for a while. But really didn’t have a reason to other than a for a dolly. So now is the perfect time to get to it except for the organic cotton yarn I bought for it is over 500 miles away. Yes I moved most of my stash. I’m using some left over acrylic blend I used for a bag awhile ago. It’s a type of yarn that is a bit stiff to work with but after the first wash softens up very nicely. I couldn’t tell you the name because there is no tags left over either.

It’s been a bumpy day today as well. Trying to get the laundry done and neaten up the house a bit for the open house tomorrow. Hopefully it will be a good one and show some interests. So keep your fingers crossed for us.


It’s been a busy past couple weeks.   So I will play a little catch up.

First off some cute little knitting.


Little Booties still in the works.


2 little hats.
Both patterns are from Easy Baby Knits.
I love this hat pattern it’s so simple and is written for 2 needles which makes it easier on me so I’m not poking the bump with dpn’s.

I’m really in knitting for baby mode. I have 4 wips for me and I’m pretty bored with them. I’ve picked one or two up from time to time over the past couple weeks and even had them travel with me and still blah.
I like the baby knits because there fun and quick and it helps to stock up on stuff for baby.

Speaking of stocking up we went to IKEA the other day to get baby things. I know there is still time left which my husband reminded me numerous time as I loaded up a baby tub with stuff. Yes I wanted the baby tub form IKEA. Do I need it now? No, but in 2 weeks we won’t have access to IKEA anymore.

Besides I couldn’t resist some things like this touch and feel book.


I really wanted this blanket but it was gone.


It made me a little happier to get some stuff for baby too. Lately I’ve been on and up and down rollercoaster emotional ride. This move and trying to sell the house and realizing we are staying in someone else’s home has and is stressful. Not to mention the grandmothers (my mom and my husbands mother) are adding to the stress. You would think they would be more helpful and understanding but…anyways.
Well I do have one vent and maybe someone can help me understand how to solve the problem. My mother in law has been making comments about my size, lets just say she has been making fat comments. I don’t really know how to respond because it makes my blood boil so I walk away. Any suggestions would be helpful? I just don’t understand her sometimes.

Really I’m doing so much better with the weight management than I did with my daughter. I went from being 130lbs. to 208lbs. while pregnant with the munchkin. The only person that ever made a comment on my weight during that pregnancy was my doctor and that was out of concern. I lost it all which shocked them. So now I have gained 25ish lbs. and the only person that has made me feel uncomfortable is a family member. The doctor says I’m doing great and that’s good for me.


When your luck turns bad…….it turns bad.   It’s been one thing after another in our house in the past four days.   My truck is in need of repair and because it obsolete it’s impossible to find a dealer to work on it.  Except however one that is really far from our house.  I can’t sleep or haven’t had a good night sleep all week…..someone likes doing acrobatics all night.    Our kitchen is out of commission after a pipe decided to plug up during the making of dinner last night.   We were planning on having a nice steak and huge fresh salad and so on……..instead we had to order out and my house smells like old potatoes.  Really not pleasant. 

This afternoon….the plumber is supposed to be here now, I have top got to a Doc appointment in 30 min, the hubby has to pick up the munchkin…………..and then somehow we are supposed to drive my truck to a dealer 45 min away so hopefully it will be fixed tomorrow.

Oh and I forgot to mention that yesterday we had an estimate done for my driver side door.  Which is just a little dented in because the hubby backed my truck into his car….impossible I know but he does things like this.  I would have thought it would be $300 to bump it out and touch up the paint a bit.    $1700!   Craziness. 

*I’ll post some pictures of my knitting later.*



Our 1st trip was a long one. Luckily we had a nice friend come over and help the hubby move all the heavy stuff. Which was mostly everything we packed into the truck.


We ended up leaving so late the next day we did the dreaded dusk drive through the mountains.


Not really at dusk in the picture above but it is nice view of one of the mountain tops.

Overall we succeeded in getting there and unpacking with only a few arguments. After a long drive and then two grandmas fussing on munchkin really all me and the hubby wanted to do was nap. We did get some local grub that we miss so much.


Did we sleep the whole last day we were there? Yes.
Did we dread the drive home? Of course.
Are we doing it all again in a week? You bet.

So next weekend we will be on our way, again, through the mountains. We really didn’t want to come back but we still have a lot more packing and furniture to move. Munchkin already wants to go to her “new” school. I loved being able to take walks with Jake. Jake stayed there with my Mom which is nice because the multiple trips would really stress him out too much.

Lastly it was nice to plan the walks for our new munchkin too.


Yes those are my toes that I can barely see now while standing straight. I feel huge but really I’m just at that “stage” as people have told me.


My Infinity Cowl.


I know bad picture and don’t mind the mass of mess and boxes in it. But I love the cowl. Thank you Kim!

My second new love.


Another bad picture because it really doesn’t do this tote justice. I love this bag. I found it in Targe’ and there was one left but I just couldn’t buy it. It’s rather large so I was unsure about it. The other night I had a dream we went on a trip and I had it with me so back to Targe’ I went and bought it.
It was meant to be mine becasue it was still there.

The two seem to go quite nicely together too.


So tired and so much to do.   The hubby is officially done with work, and now can help finish up the house stuff.   I’m just to the point where if I sit down I’m done for the day.    Really I thought I would have this streak of energy by now, but nope still so tired.

So I will try to post some pictures of my finished cowl ( that I LOVE!) tomorrow.

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